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So, I never thought of myself as a Whovian. I really didn’t like Dr Who when I first started watching it, but my best friend convinced me to keep trying. I tried, and I tried. I really wanted to like Doctor Who because of all the uproar I was hearing about it. It seemed that almost everyone I talked to watched the show and loved it. If you aren’t caught up with the series, there might be slight spoilers ahead.

River Song spoilers

Finally my friends and I started watching it in the evenings. I would play on my phone while it was going in the background so I could hear it, but wasn’t fully focused on it. I’m not sure what did it in for me. I can’t tell you one specific thing that turned me off. One of the huge things was the graphics. It looked like it was filmed with a home video camera, and while I’m used to that from a lot of BBC shows I watch, it just felt off. Pair that with really silly episodes in season one (farting aliens because they can’t fit into a human body?) and it made for the perfect turn-off.

Alright, then David Tennant came along and AT LEAST he was easy on the eyes. Like Rose, I started falling for the Doctor, because he was HOT! The episodes got better, the graphics got better, and now I was at least not kicking and screaming when Dr Who was suggested.

David Tennant Dr Who

Somewhere in Tennant’s reign as the Doctor, I found myself excited to settle down in the evenings and watch Doctor Who. It was kind of a highlight to my evening.

Matt Smith Dr Who

Enter Matt Smith. Not only was he so geekily gorgeous, but his episodes were awesome! This was what I wanted from a time traveling show. It had intricate plots, well thought-out twisting time plots and. . .just wow. It was awesome. I started BINGE watching Doctor Who like I hadn’t watched a show in a long time. I loved Amy and Rory. I was sad when they left. Rory, to me, was the perfect man. The things he wouldn’t do for Amy, paired with his insatiable geek factor, and I was envious of Amy for more than just being able to travel through time and space!

Then Clara came in, and her story was pretty awesome, despite the ache I felt for Amy and Rory.

But I knew that Matt’s time was coming to an end. I knew a lot of people didn’t like the new Doctor, and I couldn’t figure out why. Aside from the fact that he’s an older man, I just couldn’t get it.

Then the new Doctor came, and everything changed. Sure, I was used to the intro music and the intro cinema to be different from Doctor to Doctor, but this was radically different. . .and I loved it! Then things started happening. The Doctor was radically different. He wasn’t as fun as he was before. He was serious, and he was dark. The whole show was dark.

I loved it!

The new Doctor had his own kind of dry humor, but more as a grumpy old man rather than a flippant young boy. He was much more severe than the other Doctors. Much quicker to make hard decisions and act like he wasn’t phased. He relied more on teaching lessons than saving the day.

Things changed with Clara too. She got whinier. She acted like the Doctor owed her something. She acted as though she were the only possible person the Doctor should care about. She gave him ultimatums a LOT. In truth, she acted like a spoiled child, and that really made me dislike her. When Clara traveled with Matt’s Doctor, it seemed as though she was starting to fall for him. Then, when he changed, she acted repulsed by him. “But he’s old!” was one of her lines. Before she even got to know this aspect of the Doctor, she was turned off by the fact that he appeared older. News flash, honey! He’s over a thousand years old. He’s looking good for his age.

I think that transition in Clara, the shallowness she showed when she first saw the new Doctor, really did it in for me where she was concerned.

Peter Capaldi Dr Who

But, I’ve finished all of what Netflix has of Doctor Who, and I’m waiting for more to be loaded. I’ve loved the journey along the way, and while the Doctor Who has changed, I’m loving it. I just have one question: why does everyone hate Peter Capaldi as the Doctor?

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2 comments on “Doctor Who Review
  1. Clara Bush says:

    I felt like you, Travis, when I first started watching Dr. Who. My son convinced me to keep watching. I hung in and like you became addicted. But I have to say I’m having a hard time with the new Doctor. I think it has to do with how much I enjoyed Matt Smith in the role plus he is gorgeous to watch. The new Doctor—whose talent I do admire—has no sex appeal for me, so it’s hard for me right now to get invested in him. But being a Dr. Who fan, I’ll keep watching and hope he grows on me.

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