How creatures from fantasy books would see us.


So, this is something that provides me with endless entertainment: thinking of how fantasy creatures would describe me, or the human race in general. This is the type of contemplation I do regularly. I remember many times standing outside, staring up into the sky, wondering if there was life out there, what it would be like. Would they have the same type of issues that we do? Would they even think about us? Well, this got my little pea brain working and I decided maybe it would be interesting to see what some common creatures from fantasy books really would think of us. Here goes!

fantasy books

Elves. I would imagine that elves would think things like “is that a dwarf, or a really short and hairy human?” There would probably be a lot of stereotyping about our anger and our short tempers. “There’s a human, quick, lock the doors.” “That was about as wise as a human contemplating life,” might be an insult. We obviously don’t live as long as an elf in fantasy books, so we would probably be thought of as lesser intelligence. Maybe they would always see us in an infant-like mental state because we just don’t live as long. They deal with dwarves regularly, so they wouldn’t probably have much to say about our physical shape I would imagine. Who am I kidding? If there are elves and they have the internet they are probably some of the biggest asshole trolls out there.

Dwarves. They would probably wonder if we were any good at mining. Maybe carving. They would doubtlessly survey us humans and wonder what our worth would be to them. If they saw us humans as we are now, being good at computers and liking to be entertained, they would probably think of us as little more than cattle or mindless drones (if they know what drones are). A lot of us are built like them, but we just don’t have their ambition!

fantasy books

Orc. We are so vicious that orcs would probably share their signature World of Warcraft war cry with us. “Lok’tar ogar” = Victory or death.

So what do you think? What can you imagine some creatures from fantasy books might think of us? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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