Cover Reveal: The Darkling Tide A New Adult Dark Fantasy

So, it’s not being released yet, but it will be released on February 10, 2015. Here is the awesome cover by Najla Qamber Designs! The blurb on amazon is a little messed up right now, but I’m working on that.

New Adult Dark FantasyAbagail has caught the shadow plague a sickness that creeps into the soul of those it infects to make them nothing more than a shadow, a darkling bent on the destruction of all things good. Joined by her neighbor, Rorick Kueper, on a quest of revenge against the darklings who destroyed his home, and her seer sister Leona, Abagail crossed the Rainbow Bridge and entered the world of Agaranth. She was supposed to find sanctuary against the shadow plague there, and a way to control it. What she found was a world overwhelmed by darklings and her hope of containing the plague leagues away.

In New Landanten, the dark elves plot a way to free the nine worlds of the darkling tide, but at what cost? Some think igniting the sun and moon scepters in the nearby Fay Forest, where the veil between the worlds is thinnest, will destroy all of mankind. Others argue there’s no other option. But the light elf Celeste is concerned. The only way to open a scepter is with the blood of a harbinger that hasn’t yet been claimed by either light or darkness.

Meanwhile the dark elf Daniken, Celeste’s sister, is helping Abagail and her troupe through the Fay Forest and to the harbinger settlement; the only place where Abagail can learn to control the shadow plague overtaking her body and threatening to make her a mindless darkling. But they come face to face with the evil of the darkling tide, and their struggle demands Abagail use more of the magical force of her darkling wyrd to protect them. Will she learn to control the force of the shadow plague on her own, or will she be lost to the darkness?

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