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Vampires are coming!

It’s starting soon! The release of my vampire hunter series. I wanted to give you all the opportunity to read the first chapter today and offer you a free gift in celebration. See details below the post for the free

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Baba Yaga the Slavic Hag

I absolutely love Baba Yaga, so much that I wrote her into my Revenant Wyrd Saga as a hag that was thought to be evil, but was really helpful. Without her, I don’t think my characters would have stood a

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Care for Magical Creatures: Alien Big Cats!

Care for Magical Creatures: Alien Big Cats Alien Big Cats (or ABCs) aren’t actually extraterrestrial. They are called alien because they are seen in Britain and the type of cats they could be (panthers, lions, and the like) aren’t native

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Urban Legends: Charlie Charlie Challenge

Thanks to the awesome people on my Facebook author page for giving me an idea to write columns on urban legends. Today I’m choosing this ridiculous new urban legend called the Charlie Charlie Challenge. So apparently this Charlie Charlie Challenge

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Fantasy Friday Funday: Funny Harry Potter Moments

FRIDAY FUNDAY: FANTASY EDITION & FUNNY HARRY POTTER Okay, so it’s Friday, and I really have no idea what to post. My brain is fried from changing the house around and getting little sleep. I’m sure that the wine I

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Monday Rant: Resolutions

It’s almost New Years Day! The day after everyone gets dangerously drunk and makes silly promises to their future selves about how everything is going to change in the new year! Do you participate in New Years resolutions? I don’t.

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I’m very sorry to announce that my mother, who I’ve been a caregiver to for several years now, passed away on December 26th. The family is dealing with final arrangements and supporting one another. You might not see anything from

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Monday Rant: Christmas Music

MONDAY RANT: CHRISTMAS MUSIC Hey it’s Monday! And that means it’s rant day! Of course, it’s looking like a lot of days are qualifying as rant days with me. What can I say, I have a lot to bitch about.

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Youtube Funny Videos are a blessing!

There’s nothing I love more than procrastinating when I should be writing watching really funny videos. Why is it when someone gets hurt you have this horrible desire to laugh? I mean, not in a mean way, but when they

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Friday Funday: Practical Jokes with Lance Stewart

So I really love watching practical jokes. I can’t say that I really like them being played on me, but I really love watching them. I’ve recently run across Lance Stewart, and the kid is effing hilarious. Here’s a compilation

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