Care for Magical Creatures: Aswang

So the Aswang is a terrifying hybrid of a creature found in the Philippines. It’s a cross between a blood-sucking vampire, curse hurling witch, and a flesh eating ghoul! But apparently, all that aside, they make awesome neighbors! Why? Because the Aswang don’t hunt locally. There’s actually a saying in the Philippines “better an aswang than a thief.” Apparently the aswang is pretty chummy with their neighbors and they don’t believe in harming them. They travel far out of their town to hunt. But, just because you have an aswang living next door doesn’t mean that one won’t come hunting from the next town over!

aswang cryptid

But how do you know if you have an aswang in your neighborhood? Well, that’s kind of rough since they are shape-shifters and can appear like a regular person. They are shy, tend to keep to themselves, and are elusive. You know, like every old cat woman you’ve ever seen in a movie. Just don’t go into her house for tea because it might be blood or something like that. At night is when they show their true colors. One sure way to know if you’re dealing with an aswang is to look into their eyes. If your reflection is upside down, then you’ve got a ghoul on your hands. They hunt in the form of a cat, boar, bat, or most often a dog.

And these cryptids are nasty! They prefer feeding on children and fetuses. They are fast, and some are so thin they can hide behind bamboo! They confuse their victims with their call that sounds much like a tik, tik which the aswang can make sound really close, or really far away just so you never know when they might attack. Some even have proboscises they can use to suck unborn babies out of their mothers.

aswang cryptid

This aswang looks like she forgot her stove on. . .in HELL! by ejieart-d5ddzmd

As if that’s not enough, they love playing games too. Those tricksy little aswang might seem all doom and gloom, but they might replace their victim with a with a doppelganger so you think it’s your baby until they start acting all changling on you.

It’s a good thing they only come out at night, right? WRONG! They can work by daylight, they just aren’t as strong with the fiery ball gleaming down on them from the sky.

aswang sighting

This is supposed to be a sighting, but I’m not seeing it.

Don’t worry, you can protect against them! Like vampires they are turned away by garlic, salt, and religious items. Or, as with all things, if you really wanna kill it just chop its damn head off.

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2 comments on “Care for Magical Creatures: Aswang
  1. Clara Bush says:

    I really love this post. All the pondering as whether or not such creatures exist or existed once upon a time, makes for a great round the table discussion. Thanks.

    • I really enjoy contemplating all of what’s out there. I mean, obviously it would be pretty hard for such things to hide in these times, but it still makes you wonder. I love those paranormal shows like Destination Truth, even though they are so easily fabricated, they are sooooo much fun!

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