Care for Magical Creatures: Alien Big Cats!

Care for Magical Creatures: Alien Big Cats

Alien Big Cats (or ABCs) aren’t actually extraterrestrial. They are called alien because they are seen in Britain and the type of cats they could be (panthers, lions, and the like) aren’t native to Britain. Cryptidz Wiki tells us that they are often seen in overgrown places where you don’t typically find humans and: “A number of the more famous cases have received unique, local names, such as the Beast of Bodmin Moor or the Fiskerton Phantoms.”

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So does this mean that Alien Big Cats (or phantom cats) aren’t really in Britain at all? Not necessarily. There’s a lot of debate on whether these phantom cats might be a hybrid of Scottish wildcat and domestic house cats. There is evidence of skulls and dead cats that have been found, but there’s also no telling if these are hoaxes, escaped exotic pets, or (in some cases) skulls left over from skin rugs. There are some people, however, that believe Britain has supported phantom cats for thousands of years. At the time, not knowing really what they were, the people believed them to be demons or witches. Still, Cryptidz Wiki tells us: “There has also be a recent substatiation when in August 2000, a boy in South Wales was attacked by a creature resembleing a panther.”

Is There Evidence for Alien Big Cats?

Whenever we are dealing with cryptids, people want to know if there’s evidence. For Alien Big Cats, I’m sure it’s the same. Of course, if we had concrete evidence it would be less cryptozoology and just zoology. But, as will all cryptids, there are stories.

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The Pacific Standard tells: “In 1983, a farmer in South Molton, a small town in the southern English county of Devon, reported a startling loss in livestock: 100 sheep had been killed, apparently violently, over a period of three months. Their throats had been slashed across. For many, the slaughter confirmed the area’s vague but persistent legend, sighted since the early 1970s, of a large, possibly phantom cat. Named for the hilly moorland it was said to roam, they called it the “Beast of Exmoor.”

This caused a shitstorm of activity when the public tried to catch a glimpse of it on video and even the government sent snipers into the wilds to find and kill the creature. The hunt was called off when the military feared they might shoot one of the people trying to claim a reward by filming the beast.

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Britain isn’t the only place where you can find Alien Big Cats. Really the term just refers to any bigger cat that’s found in an area where it’s not a native specie. As far as cryptids are concerned, I think Alien Big Cats are on the more “mundane” side of the fence and less on the supernatural side. What do you think? Have you seen any Alien Big Cats in your area? I’d love to hear about your experience with them!

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4 comments on “Care for Magical Creatures: Alien Big Cats!
  1. Clara Bush says:

    We have an alien big cat in our possession in fact. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. ETs gave him to me and told me to keep him on the down-low. Humm. Unusual slang for an ET. Anyway. He’s big and nasty looking. He ate our 2 dogs, our horse, 10 pronghorns, 11 chickens, 3 eagles, 14 foxes, 10 coyotes, 2 mountain lions, 25 jack rabbits, 100 prairie dogs and that’s just today, and he’s looking at us mighty hungrily. Any advice you can offer is appreciated. Hurry. Not sure how much longer we can hang on.

  2. Clara Bush says:

    The laser works great. Thanks for the tip. Also can you change “his” in my comment to “he’s”. OOPs I need Jaime to proof my comments.

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