Care for Magical Creatures: Ahool


So you’ve bought yourself an ahool, huh, and you want to know the best way to care for this cryptid? No need to fear, here at the Wyrding Academy we love to teach you how to care for magical creatures. But you’re not sure if you bought an ahool or just a really big bat? Well, ahool can be identified by their large wingspan (up to 10 feet), they are covered in gray fur, and have a body the size of an infant (sorry furries, they’re a little small). You will want to make sure you didn’t buy a flying fox, so check the seller, and if you see they’re from Australia or Indonesia request your money back! They’re notoriuos for passing flying fox off as ahool, especially Indonesia where ahool reportedly hail from. If you’re uncertain still, though we’ve given you plenty of descriptors, just listen to the noise it makes. The ahool was named after the sound they make. AHOOOOOOL!

care for magical creatures: Ahool cryptid

Such adorable beady red eyes!

The handling of an ahool (which might be kind of dangerous given their large claws) would best be done with a really tough leathery suit. Once the suit is in place, you will want to make several clicking noises to let the ahool (who scares very easily) know where you are. Don’t make any quick movements, as frightening the ahool would be very foolish and would likely result in death or dismemberment. Forming a bond with the ahool is very difficult, and might never happen. In that case it is best to hide inside until it goes away and terrorizes someone else.

But don’t worry, the ahool isn’t interested in eating you, just mangling your screaming, twitching body. Nope, when they come after you its just because they have an insatiable blood lust that can only be sated with the horrific death throws of a larger animal (again, sorry furries). But there they will leave your body since the ahool prefer feeding on ripe fruit and small critters like rats, bunnies, and your neighbors noisy dog, but mostly fish.

Supposing you are one of the lucky ones who forms a bond with the ahool they could be great guard cryptid or apparently a nice exercise pal.

care for magical creatures: Ahool cryptid

Recently quoted saying “do you even lift, bruh” this ahool doesn’t seem to have missed leg day! Someone give him a protein shake STAT.

But if you think you can catch one that’s been flying around your house at night, think again. Leave those types of shenanigans up to the professionals. Unfortunately I must say, if you’re going for a magical creature, the ahool are a huge letdown as they have no kinds of magical powers. Certainly more hassle than they’re worth. You’d think a creature you risk life and limb to raise could at least wow you with some magical tricks, right?

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2 comments on “Care for Magical Creatures: Ahool
  1. Clara Bush says:

    Oh no! I think I bought a flying fox rather than an Ahool. Thanks for the great description. I called and demanded my money back, but they hung up on me. Now what? Can you do a blog on the care of not-so-magical creatures like flying foxes from Australia. Or better yet, I could mail him to you. That way you could check him out and let me know for sure. Forgive me for not putting a return address but here in rural America we have no addresses, just rocks and trees for locators and FedX can never locate the third cave from the fourth mountain on top of the tenth tree on the row by Sometimes Creek.

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