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shineyOkay, so sometimes my thinking is really behind. Granted, I write a lot and have some really great ideas (at least I think) but there comes times when I know I’m just one step away from being brain dead. For instance, all the lights except the first strand of lights went out on my Christmas tree. Sure, I’ve heard that if one light goes out, they all go out, but that’s not the case with these lights? How do I know? I plugged in each strand before putting them on the tree, and some strands had a couple lights out and it didn’t effect the illumination of others.

So, all the lights go out except one strand. “Maybe it’s a fuse,” a friend tells me. “Maybe it’s a bulb. Plug each one in to the outlet and see which strand isn’t working, then change the fuse.”

Seemed more hassle than I wanted to deal with. I have almost a thousand lights on my tree. Trying to find one strand of a hundred amidst ornaments and boughs seemed a hassle.

Seriously this took me a good 4-5 days of the tree being out before I came up with a brilliant remedy that might have taken a person with a normally functioning brain about 2 seconds to realize. If I find the one strand that’s not working, I can simply skip that strand and plug the next strand of lights in and have a wonderfully illuminated tree once more.

Seriously. It took me almost a week to realize this. I’m not lying. I’m ashamed. Needless to say, once my brain came up with a normal person fix, the tree is back in the festive mood.


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