Vantasyl Clan Vampire Hunter Series

Travis Simmons is fast becoming one of the must read authors of the Fantasy genre

Ghouls and necromancers haunt this tale as members of the Vantasyl clan try to rid the landscape of these monsters.

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Margaret Vantasyl has a great life–everything she’s ever wanted and more. The Vantasyls are one of the thirteen vampire hunter clans of Danthea. Margaret’s job is to chronicle the vile monsters who plague the streets by night.

But when the women of City Center are being targeted and found dead in abandoned houses, all evidence reports that the deaths are the work of a necromancer. Now, it’s up to Margaret to put her life on the line as the bait to destroy the fiendish power. Will Margaret be able to save herself before she becomes the necromancer’s next victim?


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When his family is brutally murdered by a vampire named Red Eye, sixteen-year-old Ricket Welsh finds himself alone and thrown into an orphanage to mourn the loss of the life and family he once knew. After a nearly-fatal run-in with the vile creature, Ricket awakens to the news that he’s been adopted by the Vantasyl family.

But there might be more to the Vantasyl family than Ricket ever realized as he embarks upon a world of danger and vengeance, life and death, and the hazy shades of gray between good and evil. Will Ricket be able to find a sense of family when danger threatens his very existence?

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