The Mirror of the Moon

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The Mirror of the Moon

In the medieval, mystical lands of The Great Realms, Angelica, Jovian, and Joya pair up with their teacher Grace in pursuit of their kidnapped sister, Amber. Their quest suddenly changes when an ancient enemy, Porillon, appears with Amber. A dangerous battle ensues, threatening one of their lives and a new insight about their family is revealed, making the group question what Grace knows, and what she is hiding. Once again Porillon slips away with Amber, but Angelica and Jovian’s vision hints that their sister may be taken to The Mirror of the Moon, an ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess.

Finding solace with the elves and dwarves in the Mountains of Nependier, the group presses Grace to answer questions about their families past. Their insistence leads to a revelation the youths aren’t ready to handle. While they are still reeling from the news, Angelica and Jovian begin to feel a strange new consciousness waking inside of them and what’s more unnerving, it’s taking over their individual thoughts…and joining them into one.

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