Black Eyed Children

Last week you voted between Black Eyed Children and This Man. It was another tie, which is awesome because I really wanted to write about both of them. So, today, I present you with Black Eyed Children. I had read something about Black Eyed People before, and it thoroughly creeped me out, to the point that I had a hard time going to sleep. Silly me, I read about them while I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. At any rate, I was so taken in by the story that I modeled my fallen angels after the Black Eyed People.

black eyed children

Research says that Black Eyed Children is really just an urban legend that sprang up on the internet several years ago, but that hasn’t stopped people from seeing them. It started when a Texas reporter reported seeing a Black Eyed Kid in Abilene, TX and Portland, OR and the sightings have spread. Paranormal researchers think that the Black Eyed Children could be any number of thing, including vampires, aliens, and ghosts.

The Black Eyed Children are said to have eyes that are (you guessed it) completely black, like ebony marbles in their sockets. They are typically younger people and sometimes have gray or blue tinged skin, resembling a corpse. Though they look like children they are reported having the voice and speech of an adult. Their vocabulary is far beyond their age, they are more confident than children typically are, and they are normally found near abandoned places playing or singing old nursery rhymes. At times they’ve been reported appearing on someone’s doorstep either alone or in pairs, and they have a way of talking the homeowner into letting them in. The Black Eyed Children are said to be very dangerous, though there’s no real reason for this claim other than the unsettling feeling they give the person that sees them.


What drew me to the stories of Black Eyed Children was a website I was on before and read some really strange stories about people with black eyes. Some of the stories talked about a person whose eyes would change when they were angry, but the majority of them talked about people who already had black eyes, and approached the humans in public. In all of the stories they seemed very ominous, very otherworldly, and like they were the hunters, and we were their prey. Some of the snippets I found interesting are below.

black eyed children

“My reaction was immediate terror and I felt like I had to get away. I think that he knew it, too. I felt like I had to look away and I did. A few moments later, something made me want to turn around and look at him to see if he was still staring at me — he was, and he was still as stone.”

“I felt the most amount of terror and most threatened I have ever felt. I also felt like I was the food at the bottom of the food chain and I was her next meal. I definitely had a fight-or-flight response after I was able to pull my eyes away from hers. I remember thinking I had to get away and I had to protect my family.”

“She says that the feeling that came over her upon seeing his face was nothing of this world. Sheer terror. An immediate sense of danger and dread like nothing ever experienced before. All she had in her mind was to get away as fast as possible.”

If you’d like to read the entire stories (and many more) you can find them all here.

Are the Black Eyed Children nothing more than a Creepypasta? Could there be more to this urban legend than just tales? Have you seen a Black Eyed Person and would like to talk about it? I would love to hear your encounters in the comments below!

You get to choose next weeks weird thing! Vote on your favorite one, and I will write an article about it 😀

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