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Attack of the Aeternae

Aadita woke to the sound of screams and insistent hands shaking her. “Aadita, wake up! The Aeternae are attacking the village!” It was her mother, Dhanya. Her voice trembled with fear that seemed infectious. Aadita felt that fear, reasoning and

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Blood Rite of the Adlet

Amaranth fled through the frozen forest, frost nipping at her toes a wintery wind tugging at her hair. The adlet were behind her, she could sense them more than hear them. She’d heard stories—stories of blood and terror. A mix

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Vampires are coming!

It’s starting soon! The release of my vampire hunter series. I wanted to give you all the opportunity to read the first chapter today and offer you a free gift in celebration. See details below the post for the free

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Madness of Apophis

One night Apophis will come, and I won’t survive the battle. The thought had stayed with Ra from the first time he slipped below the horizon. It was the only thought occupying his mind as the dazzling bark he traveled

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Storm Front

I just finished reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher. If you haven’t read it yet and you like paranormal investigation novels, this is a goodie. There are a few reasons it took some warming up to on my end. The

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The Undying Unicorn

Ellen felt the weight of years in her bones. The winter wind howled through the trees around her, chilling her to her ancient bones. She’d come to this forest on the day of her birth 740 years ago. For 740

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Possessed by Abigor

“Abigor, come to me,” Geffrey called. Just the name of the demon caused discomfort. A chill crept up his spine, his dark hair seemed to stand on end. He clutched the ancient spell book in his pale hands and called

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The Plague of Abaddon

“Lucy, don’t meet him tonight,” Sissy begged, clasping her sister’s hand and pulling her away from the door. Lucy looked at her younger sister. Sissy was only younger by a year, but it looked more like it was five years.

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Hunting the Loup-Garou

A hunting horn moaned through the snowy night. Fat flakes of snow drifted lazily from the heavens, lending an air of whimsy to the night. The loup-garou was on the loose, and the townsfolk were hunting. They were hunting for

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Cheating the Undine

Whenever Tashaun saw water, he couldn’t help but think of Abella. His mind drifted along the shore of the lake by his home and he dreamt of watery palaces below, where the undine must rule. The same palaces Abella retreated

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