Alien Invasion! What do you do?

alieninvasionLast week our post on what real people would do if a zombie apocalypse happened went pre-viral. What does that mean? It means, my friends, that we didn’t go viral. BUT, we had a lot of fun, and I like to think those people that stopped by and commented had fun too! This week I wanted to do something similar, but this time with an alien invasion.

The whole idea here is to think of what YOU would do. The real you, not a hyped up macho version of you. Take into consideration any physical hurdles you have, and any strengths. We are to assume we know nothing about these aliens, and hopefully they aren’t like the aliens in the pictured to the left because I don’t think there’s enough air locks to throw them out of.

I live in the woods, and during these survival times I think that would help. Aliens are different than zombies because they can think, and that makes them more dangerous. Plus, they probably have all kinds of tech that would seem like sorcery. I don’t think I would survive long, but I would do everything I could. I would have to move steadily south because winter is coming and there’s no way I could survive without shelter.

Mine is kinda crappy, but I’ve thought more about what I would do in case of zombies rather than aliens. Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear what you would do if aliens attacked!

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