“25 Celebrities Who You’d Never Expect To Be Gay Or Bisexual” and You Probably Didn’t Care to Know

minion whatSo today I’m feeling pretty ranty and bitchy. I ran across this article, and while I’m enjoying my cup of coffee and bored out of my mind, I decided f*ck it, I’m going to read it. I didn’t expect to be especially wowed by this column, but whatever. First, let me explain, I really don’t give a shit who does what in their personal lives. Especially actors. They are people and they have a job, outside of that job, who cares? This is the question I ask myself: “Does it concern me?” Normally the answer is no, and my answer is then “Then who gives a f*ck. If it makes you happy, have at it.” So, this article kinda ranks up there with “Gay stars who play straight people!” Holy shit! That’s almost like saying a unicorn has been masquerading this entire time as a lion! You don’t say! Gay people can ACT? Who f*cking knew?

Give me a break.

Anyway, let’s take a little look at this list. It’s long (25 people) and half of them I really don’t even know, so yeah, I’d probably never suspect them of being gay because I don’t know who the hell they are. But then the list goes on to some pretty out and proud people. Seriously, if you didn’t know that Ian McKellan, Jane Lynch, Melissa Ethridge, Matt Bomer, Cynthia Nixon, and Wentworth Miller were gay, then you’ve probably been living under a freaking rock for the last ten years. I mean, come on, we find out a star is gay and it’s EVERYWHERE! As if being gay hinders them from acting, or being good at something, or you know, being a f*cking human being. These are people who have been IN the public eye arguing gay issues as an out gay role model for a while now.

I don't give a fuckHow long has Melissa Ethridge been out? YEARS! And no one heard that Wentworth Miller declined an invite to a Russian film festival because of how his fellow gay people were being treated there? No one heard the big “it gets better” speech he did about being gay and trying to commit suicide when he was young? There were maybe two people on this list that I was surprised at seeing. The rest of them, like I said, no idea who the hell they are.

The two people that surprised me? Sarah Paulson, and Matt Dallas (from Kyle XY). Why was I surprised? Probably because it’s never really a question in my head if a person is gay or not, because, you know, I’m kinda strange and see a person as a person and not as bits and parts and colors and labels.

And if you didn’t know about some of these people being gay and really haven’t been hiding out in a cave, don’t feel bad, it probably means you’re a person who doesn’t rely on labeling people, or focusing on matters that don’t matter.


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